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Lourdes is challenging the Sarasota County decision to allow mega-size hotels on our fragile and crowded barrier island!   Help support the legal effort to protect Siesta Key from mega-hotels!  Visit (Link) to contribute to the cause!

Siesta Key Community
is hosting this fundraising effort.

About Lourdes

"For too long, local politicians have put special interests such as developers over Sarasota County residents.  I've dedicated two decades to volunteering to protect neighborhoods from incompatible development and for the preservation of our natural environment.  

~ Lourdes Ramirez 




  • Republican Women's Club of Sarasota​ 

    • President since 2018

    • Secretary​ 2014-2017

  • Republican Executive Committee of the RPOSC

    • Precinct Captain 2013-2022

  • Sarasota Republican Club

    • Board member 2013-2020

  • Republican Liberty Caucus of Sarasota

    • Vice President 2017-2019

102313 County 007 (2).jpg

Neighborhood Advocate

  • Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Association (CONA)

    • President, 2011-2014

    • Board member 2010


  • Siesta Key Association 

    • President 2005-7, 2009-11

    • Zoning Committee Chair 

    • Board member 2003-11


  • Co-founder of the Barrier Islands League 2009

  • Lead since 2014​​

  • Citizen of the Year Awards

    • 2014 by Sarasota Council of Neighborhood Associations.

    • 2012 by Control Growth Now

  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member since 2003


  • Sarasota County Citizen's Academy graduate 2003

Lourdes R 1 web.JPG

A strong career in Business

  • A Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Iona College​

  • Currently a small business owner

    • Online Resource website

    • Business and Nonprofit Development Consulting

  • Sales and Marketing Experience in:

    • Metals​

    • Specialty Chemicals

    • Semiconductor wafers (computer chips)

  • Business Development Consultant

    • Semiconductors​

    • Retail


  • Former owner of a successful small specialty retail store

  • Facebook
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