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Putting Sarasota County First!


Lourdes' Priorities for Sarasota County

Clean Water

Our quality of life, our livelihood, and our economy all depend on the health of our waterways. I will make protecting our Gulf from pollution, cleaning up our canals, and enforcing environmental laws a priority.  

Strategic Growth Plan

Sarasota's growth is outpacing our environmental protections and our infrastructure.  Polluted Gulf waters and being stuck in traffic are negatively impacting our quality of life. I will advocate for a strategic growth plan that will include protections of our natural areas and plan for infrastructure.

Lower taxes

We must reduce our property tax rates and limit our government's growth.  


Before new development is approved, we must have a plan for roads and sewer systems.   Developers must have a plan to install and pay for the new roads their development needs.  The cost of new roads should not burden our taxpayers.

Fiscal responsibility

Higher property values bring higher tax revenues to Sarasota County.  Our government must be transparent on how they spend our funds.  We must lower our tax burden and cut government spending.

Will Listen to You!

Sarasota County Commissioners have ignored us for too long.  I will listen to citizens' concerns first, not the special interests or the developers. 

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